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Sentinel Gaming Systems™
 High Performance Remotely Managed Gaming Computer
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High Performance Gaming PC - models with up to high end Intel I7 CPU
High end graphics, multiple monitor support
Microsoft Windows 10 OS, Steam Compatible

Play XBOX 360 and XBOX One Games using streaming feature of Windows 10

Hardware imposed operating limits- independent of Operating System

Addicts/users may remain System Administrator of the Computer System however remain limited through hardware imposed controls

Remotely Configurable / Managed - Web Based controls can be operated from anywhere with internet or on local network

Usage settings for when and how long users allowed on the system - real time updates to settings (add or remove time, remote shutdown)

Flexible controls, multiple users/modes, taper down schedule:
Gaming Mode- full performance
Study Mode - cripples video performance to limit gaming and watching videos
No video Mode - listen to music, complete system maintenance.

All Usage Monitored with logs available on-line. Screen shots remotely viewable

Highly Secure – Tamper and hack resistant: If hardware tampered, unit will no longer operate without remote restore.

Email/text alerts warn of unit being tampered, moved, unplugged