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Computer, Internet Addiction Treatment Center

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    Computer/Internet or Video Gaming Addiction
                      If you or a loved one is struggling with computer/video gaming/internet addiction let us help. While we can't reclaim the years lost to computer excesses we can help you move forward toward a richer and fuller life. Our intensive outpatient program guides you back toward a life consistent with your valued relationships, education, career, health and personal/spiritual growth. We offer in-office treatment, in-home family interventions, parent coaching and 3-day weekend intensives at our mountain retreat. We work with adolescents (age 11+) and adults of all ages.

Call us toll free at 888-452-1869 for more information or to schedule an appointment or order a 30 minute telephone consultation.
          Internet Addiction Disorder:
Computer/Video Game Addiction
Part One - Introduction

with Dr. Kenneth Woog of the
Computer Addiction Treatment Program
                      For many this has been a long journey. Whether this is your first time seeking treatment or you have experienced years of failed treatment, you may be wondering why this time it will work. We specialize in computer, internet and gaming addiction and have developed proprietary treatment methods that have worked successfully over the past 10 years. Call us toll free at 888-452-1869 to find out how.
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                            The Sentinel: Absolute Limits
The only Gaming Computer Designed for treating Gaming Addiction
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